Petition: No Solar on Habitat

The Mojave and Great Basin deserts are vital habitat for a very diverse range of plant and animal species. Biodiversity is crucial to the systems that support life on this planet. While climate change must be addressed as quickly and as justly as possible, we must also do so without wiping out more biodiversity. Two-thirds of the planet’s wildlife has been wiped out in the last 50 years. The extinction rate is estimated to be 1,000 times the natural background rate of extinction.

For these reasons, we, the undersigned:

Oppose any large-scale construction of solar and other renewable energy projects on our habitats in the Mojave and Great Basin. We urge our political leaders and government agencies to quickly put a halt to any projects or proposals that affect habitat and take a do-no-harm approach to any policies that affect the natural world.

#StopBigSolar #SaveTheDesert




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